Clients entrust their solicitors with large amounts of money. The SRA Accounts Rules regulate the way in which this money is handled by solicitors, and the SRA monitors compliance with the Rules. These rules set out our requirements for when the authorized firms receive or deal with money belonging to clients, including trust money or money held on behalf of third parties. Firms will need to have systems and controls in place to ensure compliance with these rules and the nature of those systems must be appropriate to the nature and volumes of client transactions dealt with and the amount of client money held or received.

Our Services in Solicitor Accounting

We provide accounting services to the solicitor firms to do periodic accounting and maintaining control over clients monies.


We provide accounting and bookkeeping services to ensure that the SRA’s requirements for accounting and reporting related to clients’ money have been complied.


We provide full support in order to ensure that all controls are implemented and all transactions are completed as per the regulatory requirements.
We ensure compliance of regulations, term of a contract, storage and retention of record, bank accounts, payment of interest, collection of funds, withdrawal from account, safety of clients’ money, maintain list of all balances/record, etc.


We ensure that the Financial Statements as required by the SRA are timely and accurately prepared and submitted as per deadlines.
We make sure that the Financial Statements are reported to the authorities, and all related parties as per deadlines.